Master students

Are you coming to Wageningen to do your Master? We invite all Master students to participate in the AID en we want to give you a warm welcome in Wageningen! 

All Master students will be placed into a group with at least one other student from your Master, so you will always know someone from your study. During the MSc Study Day on Tuesday you will get to know all your fellow study mates. Each group will be guided by two mentors.

The program of the MSc students is somewhat different from the Bsc students. On Friday you will participate in the Wageningen Classroom, where you will be introduced to the Wageningen way of learning and where you will be engaged in an interesting case. This case will also be discussed during the College Tour on Tuesday night, where interesting speakers will be invited to come and talk to you. Also, there is a seperate moment for the Master students to join workshops troughout the city of Wageningen. The focus of the MSc program is also less focused on student associations. You can find an overview on all activities under Program.

The registrations for Master students for the AID 2019 are not opened yet!