Annual Introduction Days

It is very handy if you take the following items with you:

- A mobile phone, to look on the online schedule on myAID
- The e-mail with your registration code (either printed or on your phone)
- ID 
- A bicycle with good lighting (to cycle between the locations)
- Sportswear and in- and outdoor gym shoes (for the Friesland Campina Sportsday)
- Water bottle or reusable cup (we don't provide single use cups for lunch)
- Sunscreen or a rain coat and umbrella, depending on the weather
- Most associations only accept a debit card as payment, some also accept cash. A credit card is not widely accepted, so it is not recommended to bring along to the associations. At all the AID activities on campus you can pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Diners Club) or debit. You can pay with cash, but we don't provide change, so please pay the exact amount. 


If you stay at someone else or on the camping it is also nice to have:

  • Toilet articles
  • Enough dry and clean clothes (keep in mind that it can be cold and rainy too)
  • Towel
  • If necessary: medicines
  • If necessary: (air) mattress and sleeping bag