Annual Introduction Days

If you don't have a room in Wageningen yet, you can probably stay with someone else in your AID-group. This can be arranged by your mentor. Another option might be sleeping at a association house, you can find information on the websites of SSR-WKSV FranciscusUnitas, Nji-Sri, Argo and Ceres. On the Facebook page 'Wageningen Student Plaza' many sleeping places for the AID are offered. If this is not possible, you can check the housingdesk website or Kamernet for a sleeping place or room to rent. Housing organisation Idealis takes care of a major part of student housing in Wageningen, you can subscribe for a room on their website but you will not be the only one subscribing. Take into account that subscription does not result immediately in a room.

An overview of websites where you can find a room can be found here.

Don’t have a place to stay during the AID and you also cannot stay with any of your group members? Come stay at the AID campsite! You can sleep here in your own tent (max size is a 6-person tent) during the entire AID. The cost for your whole AID (six days) are €50. The camping is equipped with everything you need: showers, toilets, breakfasts and lots of fun. So if you don’t want to miss a moment of the AID, fix your spot at the campsite via myAID! The camping is situated behind Axis Z.