AID 2020

131days untill AID 2020

Bachelor students

Are you going to do your bachelor in Wageningen? Then we welcome you to participate in the AID and try to give you a warm welcome in Wageningen.

You will be placed into a group of bachelor students, with at least one other student from your study. In this way, you will already know someone from your study. There is also a study day on Monday, which gives you the chance to meet all your study mates and the study itself. The international bachelor students will have at least two other international students in their group, but also Dutch students.

During the AID you will also get to know the student associations in Wageningen. If you want to join one of these associations, please make sure you are free the week after the AID, since then the associations have their introduction period. There are also many other things you can do in Wageningen, like sports, caf├ęs, the cinema and much more. Get to know it all during the AID!