Annual Introduction Days

The Netherlands are currently still in a COVID-19 situation. However, we have worked extremely hard to make sure the AID can take place safely this year. 

Below you can find some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 in the AID.

What are the current COVID-19 rules and measures?

How will the AID take place with regards to COVID-19?

Can I get tested for COVID-19 during the AID?

The GGD (Dutch health care department) will visit the AID! During the Discover the City on both August 11th and August 16th, the GGD will be present at the endpoint for all your questions! Also in case you haven't had your vaccine yet, the GGD will be present on campus on both August 12th and August 17th from 12:00 till 20:00.

You can enjoy the AID to its fullest this year, despite the current measures. Stay safe!