MSc Light Program

The MSc-Light programme is not as focussed on partying and playing as the BSc- and MSc-programmes. The MSc-Light programme will focus more on education and information and does not have an evening programme. On Friday, you will attend a Language Course. On Saturday, the MSc-Light programme will not take part in the Crazy88 but instead have attend the IxESN City Tour. IxESN will show you around in Wageningen and tell you some fun facts and history about the city. You are not expected to be at the evening program. You can decide for yourself if you want to join these activities.  

You will be placed in a Msc-Light group, but your group will not have mentors. Instead you can get your information during all activities at the infopoint located in Forum building, or at the activity itself.


Friday August 18th

On Friday, you will meet your AID-group. After the registrations your group will come together in a room and together you will have lunch. During lunch, the official opening of the AID 2017 will take place. After the opening you and your group will join the language course, where we will introduce you to the Dutch language. Thereafter the Wageningen Classroom will guide you trough the Dutch teaching system, and challenge you and your group to work on an interesting case regarding your study program.

Saturday August 19th

Your day will start with a brunch in the city centre. After the brunch, you will explore Wageningen with a City Tour. 

Sunday August 20st

Sunday morning, you can join the religious morning. A service will be held for all who want to join. Around noon the sports brunch will take place at sports centre De Bongerd. The whole afternoon, you will experience all kinds of sport with your group. Besides that, you can visit the sports market, where all student sports associations are represented. 

Monday August 21nd

There will be workshops at several associations during the afternoon. The afternoon ends with a barbecue at the campus area with your AID group. 

Tuesday August 22rd

On Tuesday, you will attend a Study Day with your study mates. You receive practical information about your study and you will get to know who are in your study year. At night there is an interesting College Tour, with speakers who will shine a new light on the topics from the Wageningen Classroom.

Wednesday August 23th

Already the last day of the AID! This is a day of chilling and relaxing. The day will start with a brunch in the beautiful Arboretum, where the Info market will take place as well. Several student organizations and companies represent themselves at this event. Feel free to ask questions and discover what Wageningen has to offer.