Program overview

Underneath you can find the program of the AID 2017. For details you can check the menu on the left, if you choose your program (MSc Regular or MSc Light) you will find information about the content, time and location of each program part.


Friday August 18th

On Friday, you will meet your AID-group. After the registrations your group will come together in a room and together you will have lunch. During lunch, the official opening of the AID 2017 will take place.After the opening, the Campus Games will start. Student associations and organisations set up many fun games you can join with your group. In the evening you have your first party with your group during a spectacular opening show!

Saturday August 19th

Your day will start with a brunch at the Torckpark. After the brunch, you will explore Wageningen during the Crazy88. The Crazy88 consists of all sorts of assignments organized by companies and student organisations. By completing these assignments you and your group can earn points for the Ranking! In the evening, the Street Theater Festival will take place. Artists from all over Europe will perform throughout the centre of Wageningen, turning it into one big festival.

Sunday August 20st

Sunday morning, you can join the religious morning. A service will be held for all who want to join. Around noon the sports brunch will take place at sports centre De Bongerd. The whole afternoon, you will experience all kinds of sport with your group. Besides that, you can visit the sports market, where all student sports associations are represented. In the evening, there’s some time to relax during the Open Air Movie. Students and citizens from all over Wageningen carry couches and blankets to enjoy a nice movie in the open air.

Monday August 21nd

On Monday, you will attend a Study Day with your study mates. You receive practical information about you study and you will get to know who are in your study year. At the end of the study day you will have a barbecue at the campus area with your study year. In the evening you will be Crossing Borders! During Crossing Borders, you can travel around the world and visit and experience different cultures from all over the world! 

The day will start with a brunch at your mentors’ place. After the brunch, you and your group will attend the Wageningen Classroom. During the Wageningen Classroom we will explain more about studying in Wageningen, in such an international setting. You will get all the ins and outs and hear some experiences of students. At the end you will do a group assignment and present the outcomes to a jury with also representatives of companies. After the Wageningen Classroom, you will have a barbecue at the campus area with your group, followed by Crossing Borders. During Crossing Borders, you can travel around the world and visit and experience different cultures from all over the world!

Tuesday August 22rd

The day will start with a brunch at your mentors'place. After the brunch you and your group can choose where to go. Several student associations will have prepared workshops for you to join. In the evening ou can choose between a Beer Cantus or a Comedy night. The Beer Cantus is an event where a band plays live music and everyone has to sing along as accurate as possible. Otherwise, the Praesidium will have some punishment in store for your group. During the Comedy night you will go to the theater in Wageningen, to see some local comedians.

Wednesday August 23th

Already the last day of the AID! This is a day of chilling and relaxing. The day will start with a brunch in the beautiful Arboretum, where the Info market will take place as well. Several student organizations and companies represent themselves at this event. Feel free to ask questions and discover what Wageningen has to offer. The AID will close with the Music & Food Festival. A relaxed atmosphere is created with little food stands and nice music. Later in the evening, the festival will turn into the final party. One last party to close off an amazing week!