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It's your own responsibility to make sure dietary requirements are correct and we can only provide meals based on these data.

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Ticket AID Campsite € 40.00

Ticket AID Campsite

Don't have a room yet? You can stay at the AID campsite! You can spend the night at the campsite from the night before your AID. For AID 1 you can arrive on August 10th and leave on August 15th. For AID 2 you can arrive August 15th and leave on August 20th.
AID 2021 Socks € 6.99

AID 2021 Socks

Steal the show with these amazing socks in the theme of AID 2021! One size fits all!
AID 2021 Sunglasses € 4.99

AID 2021 Sunglasses

The sun is Out of this World! Protect your eyes against the sun with these AID 2021 sunglasses.
AID 2021 Water bottle € 5.99

AID 2021 Water bottle

Drinking water is very important! Stay hydrated with this re-usable AID 2021 water bottle.