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AID board 2020

The AID board organises the entire summer AID in August and a big part of the WinterAID in February. It is a fulltime board year, starting from and until period 2 of the academic year. Each board member has her own position, committees and program parts that she is responsible for. Do you have a question for us? You can always send an email, call us or walk in room 401, Forum!

The AID board 2020 consists of:

Jessie Beirnaert                   Chair & Commissioner CREW

Lisa Moolhuijzen                    Secretary & PR manager

Ellen Koopman                        Treasurer, Commissioner CREW & Acquisition

Josien Hendricksen               Commissioner Mentors & PR

Astrid Berndsen                      Logistic Manager & Acquisition

Judith Lesschen                      Logistic Manager & Acquisition

(F.l.t.r: Jessie Beirnaert, Astrid Berndsen, Judith Lesschen, Lisa Moolhuijzen, Ellen Koopman & Josien Hendricksen)