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Every student of Wageningen University and Aeres Hogeschool Wageningen can participate in the AID. As a student starting in Wageningen you can apply as an AID participant. As a current student you can apply as either a Mentor or CREW member. The AID is all about getting to know your fellow students, the student life and the city Wageningen. 


Participating in the AID will guarantee you of six days full of fun activities! Among others, we will organise Festival, a Street Theatre Festival and a Crazy 88! We will also provide you with a nice group and two mentors who will guide you through the week. You will get to know fellow students, the associations and all that Wageningen has to offer. We will take care of your brunch and dinner during five of six days of the AID and introduce you to your new student life. All in all there are only advantages to be mentioned of participating in what will be your best week ever! 


Ofcourse! You are more than welcome to participate in the AID! We would like to get in touch with you to see if and how we can help you during the AID. It is very important that you can enjoy the AID to the fullest. 


Yes, ofcourse! The AID is not only about the city Wageningen. It is also about getting started with your student life and meeting fellow students. During the AID you will also be introduced to various associations like sports, study or student related associations. 


Yes, it is possible to join the AID after the 14th of August. If so, please remark this when you sign up for the AID at www.aidwageningen.nl. The last day on which you can still join the AID is on Monday, August 17. 

If you are not able to start the AID on the 14th of August or if you start later than 12:00 hours you can register in the Forum building (Droevendaalsesteeg 2) in room C0103. There is the temporary AID office. If you register you will get your AID bag, AID goodies (if you ordered it) and your wristband. Your AID wristband will grant you entrance to the different AID programme parts. Without a wristband you will not have access to the AID programme. Therefore it is really important that you register as soon as possible! The AID office is opened from early in the morning till late in the evening.

We would recommend to participate every day because the AID is just so much fun! None of the program parts are compulsory but we promise you, you don't want to miss this.


Yes, you can! The W'Meet U programme is organised by another department of WUR to help students with non-Dutch prior education to adjust to the Dutch systems. We have adjusted our programmes so that you can participate in both the AID and W'Meet U. 


Normally, the participation fee of the AID is 75. This includes all lunches and dinners and participation in all activities. We are investigating if we can reduce the participations costs for the AID of 2020. Due to the corona measures, the AID is a bit shorter, which makes it fair to reduce the costs. We will inform you about this as soon as we know! If you already paid the 75, you will ofcourse get the necessary part back. 

If you are a MSc student from outside EU/EFTA, your participation fee is already included in your tuition fee. 


The participation fee of the AID is €37,50. This includes brunch and dinner on five out of six days. The only things left for you to pay for are your drinks during the parties, your breakfast on a few days and dinner during the festival. During the festival we will set up a food corner where you can choose from various dishes.


We strongly advise you to register to participate in the AID at least one month before the AID, this would be July 13. The deadline for registration is August 14.


If you don't have a room in Wageningen yet, you can probably stay with someone else in your AID-group. This can be arranged by your mentor. Another option might be sleeping at a association house, you can find information on the websites of SSR-WKSV Franciscus and CeresOn the Facebook page 'Wageningen Student Plaza' many sleeping places for the AID are offered. If this is not possible, you can check the housingdesk website or kamernet for a sleeping place or room to rent. Housing organisation Idealis takes care of a major part of student housing in Wageningen, you can subscribe for a room on their website but you will not be the only one subscribing. Take into account that subscription does not result immediately in a room.

Don’t have a place to stay during the AID and you also cannot stay with any of your group members? Come stay at the AID campsite! You can sleep here in your tent (max. 10-person tent) during the entire AID. The cost for the whole AID are €40. The camping is equipped with everything you need: showers, toilets, two breakfasts and lots of fun. So if you don’t want to miss a moment of the AID, fix your spot at the campsite via myAID!


Packing list: 

-           A laptop and mobile phone, to look at the app and online programme parts

-           A bicycle with good lighting

 -           Toilet articles

 -           Enough dry and clean clothes (keep in mind that it can be cold and rainy too)

 -           Sportswear and in- and outdoor gym shoes

 -           A water bottle

 -           If necessary medicines

 -           If necessary (air) mattress and sleeping bag

 -           An (extra) chain lock

 -           Tire patch set

 -           Rainwear

 -           Sunscreen


Dutch like to cycle, so a bike is very convenient. The program is spread out over the city, but can be reached by bike easily. We don't provide bikes. You can buy a bike via the Facebook page 'Wageningen Student Plaza' or find other bike stores online.

On the first day of the AID there's also a bike sale. Don't forget to bring cash if you're interested in buying a bike. 


We do recommend to bring a phone in case you are lost or can't find your group. We also recommend to download the AIDapp as it contains a lot of useful information about the program, locations and your personalized program. In case you are unable to download the AIDapp, visit us at the central point of the AID (Forum, room 103) and receive a QR code and programme booklet. For last minute updates, you can ask your mentors or group members who have the AIDapp. 


Yes, the religious student associations will organise a service on Sunday morning where you can also get more information about religion in Wageningen.


If you are not accepted for your studies, you can cancel your registration for the AID without costs before July 20th. After that, we will charge thirty percent of your fee until July 30th. If you cancel your registration after July 30th, we will charge all the costs and you will not receive any refund.


By public transport:

Most international visitors arrive at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). Follow the signs from the Schiphol Arrival Hall to the Railway Station: ‘to the trains’. At the train station you can purchase a ticket to Ede-Wageningen from one of the yellow vending machines or at the NS Service Desk. Trains depart from Schiphol Airport to Ede-Wageningen via Utrecht almost every 15 minutes. Take a direct train to Ede-Wageningen or take an intercity train from Schiphol to Utrecht. Once in Utrecht, switch to a train in the direction of Arnhem or Nijmegen. Your final stop is Ede-Wageningen. Travel time from Schiphol to Ede-Wageningen is approximately 60 to 75 minutes. The Valleilijn bus (line 84 and 88) runs between Ede-Wageningen station and bus station in Wageningen and passes Wageningen Campus. During rush hour there is a bus every ten minutes, outside rush hour every quarter and in the late hours it is a half-hour service. For more information about live departures and arrivals at www.valleilijn.nl.


By car:

From Utrecht or Arnhem. Coming from Utrecht or Arnhem on the A12, take exit 24 and follow the road in the direction of Wageningen (N781) until you reach the roundabout. Turn right to arrive at the campus.

From Rhenen. From Rhenen, follow the ring road around the centre of Wageningen. At the last traffic light in Wageningen, turn left towards the A12. Follow the road until the roundabout and turn left to arrive at the campus.

From the A50 (Nijmegen-Den Bosch). Leave the A50 motorway at exit 19 (Renkum/Wageningen/Oosterbeek). Turn left at traffic lights and follow signs for Renkum/ Wageningen (N225). Continue straight ahead, following signs for Wageningen. This road turns into Ritzema Bosweg. In Wageningen, take the second exit at the roundabout (straight ahead) and continue along Ritzema Bosweg. Turn right at the first set of traffic lights onto Diedenweg (N781), following signs for Utrecht/Ede. At next two roundabouts take second exit (straight ahead), the road turns into Mansholtlaan (N781). Go straight at the next set of traffic lights and continue along Mansholtlaan (N781). At the next roundabout take the third exit (Droevendaalsesteeg).


The student associations work closely together with the AID to organize an amazing introduction week. You will have dinner several times at the associations and you will be able to visit the association presentations to find out what these associations are. They will also provide nice items during Saturday's brunch and participate in the Campus Games, Crazy88 and Workshops. The AID offers you the possibility to discover whether you want to join an association and which one. 


We strive for making groups in which at least 2 students of the same study are placed. You will also be given the opportunity to meet fellow students during the study day. 

For exchange students, this is a bit different. As you do not follow courses of one degree, we will try to place you with another exchange student. During the study day, the focus will be on understanding the Dutch systems.

For students of Aeres Hogeschool, you will be placed together with other students of Aeres Hogeschool. During the study day, you will be visiting Aeres Hogeschool and learn more about studying in general. 


UPDATE: 19th of May 2020

Plans for the Alternative Introduction Days

In recent weeks, we as the AID board have worked hard to create an alternative programme for the AID. We keep a close eye on the government advices and will adhere to the guidelines at all times. The programme will consist partly of physical activities and partly of online activities. This means that everyone involved in the AID must always keep a distance of one and a half meters from each other.

To spread the number of participants, we decided to organise a four-day AID twice. The first week will take place from Thursday the 13th of August until Sunday the 16th of August. The second week will take place from Tuesday the 18th of August until Friday the 21st of August. Any student who signs up to participate during the AID will be assigned to one of two weeks, based on their studies. We try to clarify who will be assigned in which week as soon as possible, but currently we recommend that all AID participants keep both weeks free.

During the AID we will also do everything we can to distribute all participants over different locations, so that everyone can guarantee the one and a half meter distance. If there are participants who do not yet have a room, but still want to participate physically during the AID, we have the AID campsite where they can spend the night. We also adhere to the guidelines at the campsite and we will take strict hygiene measures.

In the near future we will present the alternative programme via our social media. All parties involved will be informed by us as soon as possible about what the new AID will mean for them. Also the mentors and CREWers will be contacted soon!



UPDATE 21st of April 2020

The Dutch Government announced today that all large scale events up until the 1st of September are cancelled, due to the Corona crisis. After that date the form in which events can be hosted is uncertain. We fully support this decision of the government and understand that a traditional AID cannot take place under the present circumstances. 

Nevertheless, Wageningen University and the AID board feel it is important to introduce all new members of our student community to life, study and the culture at Wageningen University, Aeres Hogeschool and our city. So we will look for alternatives to present an interesting and challenging AID 2020 with respect to the current regulations and guidelines. You may understand that this will take some time, but we hope to come up with great plans and ideas the next few weeks.

When the ideas have taken shape and form we will contact everybody involved and communicate the plans. So please be patient and give us a little time to work things out.

Keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. Stay safe, and stay healthy!