Privacy Statement AID

New students are welcomed to the WUR or Aeres Hogeschool during the Annual Introduction Days (AID). This privacy statement concerns the use of personal data on this website and during the AID event itself. Of course we want to be transparent how we use this data, what your rights as a data subject are and how you can contact us.

What we do with your personal data

AID collects certain personal data obtained through the use of our the forms on our AID website. This data has been collected for the following purposes.

There are options on this website to visit our social media pages. Be aware that the terms and conditions of those social media services apply when you enter those services as you are no longer on the website of the AID. This privacy statement does not apply on those accounts.

In our Cookie Statement you can read which data the Cookies collect on this Website.

1. Communication

Name, telephone number and (email) address are used for communication about the AID by the AID board and within the AID group. Therefore, name, telephone number and (email) addresses are shared with the mentors and AID-participants of the AID group of which the person is part of.

2. Group division & preparation

Information about study program, gender and date of birth are used for optimal group division. These data are also shared within the AID group.

Data on membership of (student) associations of mentors are used in the selection of mentors according to the selection procedure.

Data on the proficiency of languages, diplomas and preferences of CREW are used for the best possible schedule.

3. Diet and eating requirements

Data on diet and eating requirements are used for the meal supply and therefore made available anonymously to the parties who provide the meals during the AID.

4. Comments (optional)

Data provided through the comments, including medical data, are used for optimal preparation of the AID by the organization and the mentors of the group of which the person is part.

5. Photo & video recordings

Photos and video recordings will be made at this event. These recordings intended for journalistic purposes are used for event reporting and promotion for future editions of the AID and/or our sponsors. Recordings can be published on the websites, social media accounts of Wageningen University & Research and / or Youtube. Without permission, the photos will not be distributed to third parties and will be deleted as soon as they are no longer relevant to the presentation of the event. If you don't want to be recorded please inform the photographer/ videographer at the location to indicate your preferences.

Do we share personal data?

As a general principle, AID does not disclose your personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary for the organization of the event and/or without specific given consent. This means that, for example, we try to minimize the use of Cookies and only select services that are GDPR compliant.

An important exception is the sharing of personal data when it is required under applicable law or in course of any legal proceedings. In that case, the AID must share data with authoritative bodies, for example with law enforcement. This will occur, however, under supervision of a privacy officer.

How long we retain your data

AID does not store data longer than necessary. Dutch Universities agreed on retention periods in order to be complying. For the AID the applied data is stored for maximum 1 year (till the end of the calender year), unless the person in question has a function that runs longer. In that case the personal data will be stored for up to 1 year after the end of the last function. They are deleted after the retention period ends.

In our Cookie Statement you can read our retention policy regarding Cookies.

How do we protect your personal data?

Obviously, the processing of personal data includes appropriate security measures. Therefore, this Website/App is secured and we also demand that of our partners. WUR’s starting point is NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 27002:2017 to make sure that personal data is optimally secured.

In our security policy you can read more about the type of measures we take and how we ensure a safe Website/App.


Should you have a privacy question about this Website/App please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . WUR ensures that your question is answered as quickly and complete as possible. This can be a general question, but also by submitting a request to exercise your rights to:

  • Receive an explanation of what personal data we collect and what we do with the data;
  • Obtain access to the personal data concerning you;
  • Have your personal data rectified or corrected if applicable;
  • Withdraw consent;
  • Object to a particular use of your data.

It is important to describe your question as fully as possible, mention what your concern is and to clarify who you are. This is necessary in order to provide you with a more specific and quicker answer.

If you and WUR are unable to find a solution, you could contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority. You can read how to file a complaint at

Adjustments in this Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Statement can be adjusted as a result of changed activities on our Website/App. Please pay attention to the date above and check regularly for new versions. We do our utmost best to announce changes in time through different channels of communication.