Become an AID Mentor!

As a current student, you have a unique opportunity to become a mentor and welcome new students to Wageningen.

Why Register as a Mentor?

  • You'll meet students worldwide, learn about their cultures and backgrounds.
  • Free lunch and dinner every day
  • Free entry to parties and activities
  • WinterAID scarf
  • €10 voucher
  • 'Snapshot' book by Emma Holmes 
  • Assist students in adjusting smoothly (remember when you were once a new (international) student?)


  • This year, resit exams in February are shortened to one week instead of two. Therefore, we've made mentoring more flexible for those taking resits during their mentor week. If you're busy with an exam, your co-mentor can manage the group solo, and vice versa. Our aim is to ensure resit exams don't prevent you from enjoying the WinterAID mentor experience.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Before AID: Connect with your group members, perhaps start a WhatsApp group. Ensure they feel prepared and assisted with accommodations and bicycles if needed. Ideally, students without accommodation should stay with a group member (not at your place).
  • During AID: Be available for your group! Register them for activities, be punctual, and guide them objectively. Introduce them to various associations and opportunities in Wageningen. Remember, everyone is unique!

Mentor Training

  • Mandatory mentor training will equip you and your co-mentor with skills for group management and handling different situations. It's informative and fun! More details will be provided upon registration.

Questions? Feel free to contact us by emailing or by calling 0317484200


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