AID 2020

131days untill AID 2020

AID board

The AID board organises the entire summer AID in August and a big part of the WinterAID in February. It is a fulltime board year, starting from and until period 2 of the academic year. Each board member has her own position, committees and program parts that she is responsible for. Do you have a question for us? You can always send an email, call us or walk in room 401, Forum!

The AID board 2020 consists of:

Jessie Beirnaert                     Chair & Commissioner CREW

Lisa Moolhuijzen                    Secretary & PR

Ellen Koopman                       Treasurer, Commissioner CREW & Acquisition

Josien Hendricksen               Commissioner Mentors & PR

Astrid Berndsen                     Logistic Manager & Acquisition

Judith Lesschen                     Logistic Manager & Acquisition

(F.l.t.r: Jessie Beirnaert, Astrid Berndsen, Judith Lesschen, Lisa Moolhuijzen, Ellen Koopman & Josien Hendricksen)

*WANTED: AID board 2021*

Are you interested in becoming the board of 2021?

Do you have what it takes to organise the second best AID ever? Are you interested in making all prospective students of WUR and Aeres Hogeschool feel welcome in Wageningen? You will closely work together in a team, towards that one and only event in the year that will turn Wageningen upside down for a week!

Come to the interest drink for the AID board 2021! You can ask all of your questions and hear about the experiences of the current AID board. Due to the Corona crisis, the board interest drink has moved to the 20th of April. However, the current regulations might change or get extended, so check our socials to keep updated about this event! We hope we'll see you there, otherwise in an online way. For any questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us! Hang in tight and stay safe! 💙 

How to apply?

Send your motivation letter and CV to before the 6th of May. And who knows, maybe you will organise the AID for all new students of Wageningen next year!