Annual Introduction Days


Students from all over the world are studying at Wageningen University. The university is known for its international character, and therefore so is our introduction week. The AID is for international students the best start of their student-life! So, do not hesitate to sign up! During your AID you will discover Wageningen in a group of about 10 other students and 2 mentors who will guide you during the week. This group will consist of a mix of students from different countries and cultures! 

During all program parts of the AID English will be spoken. Furthermore, there are some amazing program parts which will focus on the cultural differences. An example is the Cultural Night, which is an evening where cultures from all over the world are represented. International organisations and students will show you the best of their home country, culture and religion. There is a big chance that you will find an organisation that meets your interests and that you can join for the rest of your time in Wageningen!


For students who want to eat halal food, we suggest choosing the vegetarian diet. Because you eat at a lot of different locations during the week, we cannot guarantee all meat is halal. 

Students who want to eat special food from their home country have to buy this food themselves.