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The registrations for AID mentors are closed

Save the date for the AID 2020: Thursday the 13th till Sunday the 16th of August, and Tuesday the 18th till Friday the 21st of August! As a current student you have the chance to become a mentor and show our new students all that Wageningen has to offer. The AID is really diverse because a lot of new students will come to Wageningen! And what would be nicer than making them feel at home in our beautiful city? 

Please note: It is know possible to become a mentor twice! You can participate in both weeks as a MSc mentor and get in touch with new friends and learn them everything you know about our beautiful city! State in the comments that you want to become a mentor twice! Already a BSc mentor? You can also sign up for being a MSc mentor in the other week! Please contact the board if you wish to participate in the full AID experience. 

Important: in order to become an AID mentor, you also need to attend the obligated mentor training. This will be an online training, which you need to complete in order to become a mentor. We will inform you about this as soon as you sign up! 

Register here for Online Only mentor!