Program Winter AID 2024

At the bottom of the text you can download the program overview and specific locations of the Winter AID 2024!

Monday February 5th 2024

Registrations (Forum Stage)
Get yourself some cool WinterAID merchandise and a bracelet which gives you access to all fun activities! .  At the registrations, keep the QR code that you find at myAID on the website on your phone, it is not necessary to print it. After you have registrated you will meet your AID group. 

ESN Bike sale (In front of Forum, next to the “W” sign)
New in The Netherlands? Then you were probably surprised by the many bikes! Having a bike is essential in Wageningen. To help you find a bike, ESN organizes a bike sale in collaboration with De Rijdende Fietsenmaker! Come by and have a look at all the bikes.  Important note: you can pay both by card and in cash and there will be bikes in different sizes. 

Lunch (The Spot, Orion)

Study afternoon (Orion)
Meet other students from your study and your study advisor. At the bottom of the text you can find the time schedule for the study afternoon. 

Dinner with live music (The Spot, Orion)
Experience a unique dining evening with live music! Our cozy ensemble features a singer, guitarist, two bass players, a pianist, drummer, trumpeter, trombonist, and baritone saxophonist, creating a rich musical backdrop. 
What's special is our interactive approach. Guests are encouraged to join in - bring your instrument for a jam session or try our simple percussion instruments like tambourines and shakers. It's not just dinner, but an unforgettable musical experience filled with fun and engagement! 

Official opening (The Spot, Orion)
After dinner, stay for the official opening of the WinterAID 2024. 

ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Pubquiz (The Spot, Orion)
Get ready for the first evening program of the Winter AID: a pub quiz organized by ESN. Sit together with your group and try to answer as many questions as possible. Your knowledge will be tested on different topics ranging from general knowledge to Dutch culture! And of course, the best team will get an amazing price!! 

Tuesday February 6th, 2024

All that we share (Orion, C2030; B1032; C2035)
Join this interactive workshop exploring the topics of education, culture and classroom habits. Our game is played with students from all around the world (don't worry you don't need anything to join) and is interspersed with short talks about culture and life at Wageningen University. Once you've completed the workshop you'll be ready to start your new life as a WUR student!

Lunch (The Spot, Orion)

Health care in the Netherlands (Orion, C1005; C2005; C2006)
Taking care of your (mental) health is essential for a successful and pleasant time in Wageningen. This meeting informs you about the healthcare system in the Netherlands. How to arrange health insurance, what is the role of the General Practitioner in the Netherlands – what (not) to expect -, what to do in case of emergency, and what does WUR offer students when it comes to study support, special circumstances and mental health issues.    

Kickstart your studies (Orion, C1005; C2005; C2006)
Join this presentation exploring the topics of education, culture and classroom habits. Learn about your new life at Wageningen University and get ready to kickstart your WUR career.  

Potluck Dinner (Forum, first floor cantine)
The coolest thing about Wageningen is the diversity of the staff and students here. To give you a taste of it, ISOW, in collaboration with various country associations, organizes dinner on Tuesday evening starting at 18:30. Each cuisine of the 3-course meal represents the food of a certain culture. You can get to know more about different cultures or the food recipe at the ISOW infostand placed right at the entrance. 

Games and Karaoke night (Loburg)
On Tuesday evening ESN organizes drinks and karaoke in the cozy café Loburg. The evening program will start with a small Q&A match and mingle game to easily get to know other people, after which you can all sing your favorite songs during the karaoke. 


Wednesday February 7th, 2024

Creative morning 
What do you feel like doing? Salsa dancing, improvisation class, creative clay art or do you prefer to sparkle your brain by an interactive workshop given by Studium Generale? You CHOOSE! See the options below: 

  • Salsa & Bachata Workshop: Step into the lively rhythms of Latin dance! Learn the basics of Salsa and Bachata with our expert instructors in a fun, engaging atmosphere.  Location: Sportshall The Bongerd, Sportshall 2 (Bornsesteeg 2)
  • Studium Generale: Expand your mind with Studium Generale's interactive lectures. Dive into diverse, thought-provoking topics in an engaging and stimulating environment. Location: Impulse, speakers corner (Stippeneng 2). 
  • Improvisation Workshop: Explore the art of spontaneity in our Improv Workshop. Boost your creativity and confidence through fun, interactive exercises and games. Location: B0314 Forum (Droevendaalsesteeg 2)
  • Clay Workshop: Experience the joy of clay art. Shape, mold, and create in a hands-on workshop, guided by skilled artisans. Suitable for all skill levels. Location: V0031/V0034 Forum (Droevendaalsesteeg 2) 

Crazy 66 (City Centre)
Explore the city center by doing some fun challenges with your aid group. Team up to scan QR codes, play games and be the best AID group ever! all challenges can be found and pictures uploaded on The winning team will get a prize!

Duth Kitchen (K.S.V. Fransiscus)
On Wednesday you have the chance to enjoy a typical Dutch dinner. A 3-course dinner will be prepared by ESN at K.S.V. Fransiscus. The walk-in starts at 18:30 and dinner will be served around 19:00. Also, to make sure you know the most important things about The Netherlands and Dutch people, a short presentation will be given about the Dutch culture. 


Thursday February 8th, 2024

Sports Brunch (Sports Centre The Bongerd)

Have a elaborate brunch and get the energy you will need for the active day to come!

Sports Day (Sports Centre The Bongerd)
Come check out our amazing sports centre and get active during the Sports day to try some sports you have never tried before! Are you considering to join a sports association? Take a look at the sports market! Almost all the student sport associations will be present. The schedule and map can be found at the bottom of the text.

Dinner (The Spot, Orion)

Open Podium (The Spot, Orion)
In collaboration with Popcultuur Wageningen, we are organizing an open podium evening where students, staff, and residents of Wageningen will perform. There will also be a salsa try-out at 8:00 PM. Join us at In the Spot! 


Friday February 9th, 2024

Infomarket (The Spot, Orion)
Discover the diverse student organizations and what Wageningen has to offer at our info market. Enjoy delicious warm chocolate milk while exploring and connecting with various groups that cater to a wide range of interests. It's a perfect opportunity to find your community and learn more about the vibrant student life in Wageningen. 

Pick up food (Campus Plaza)
Pick up your food at Campus Plaza. Your group will be assigned a specific time slot for pickup, ensuring a smooth and organized experience.   

Pizza & Movie Night (Global Lounge & Forum)
Settle in for a cozy evening with Pizza and Movie Night. You get to choose the movie you want to watch. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy a night of great film and delicious pizza! Perfect for unwinding and socializing.  

Winter Wonderland Party (Bunker)
Get excited for the last activity of the Winter AID! ESN organizes a Winter Wonderland party in one of the popular student clubs, de Bunker. Enjoy this last big party with all your fellow new students and dance the night away.