Annual Introduction Days

Program WinterAID 

Here you can find the program for the WinterAID! You can find your personalised program in MyAID, where you can also find the locations you need to be. 

Updated 3-2-2022

Monday 7 February 2022

  • Registration, meeting your guides and fellow studentes (Location: see MyAID)
    At the registrations, keep the email with your barcode ready on your phone, it is not necessary to print it. Here you will also receive a WinterAID wristband, as proof of your participation in the WinterAID, which you will need to enter some activities. You will also meet your group for the first time and get to know them. 
  • Lunch (Location: see MyAID)
  • Study afternoon (Location: see MyAID)
    Here you will get to know Wageningen education & your program. This is only for students from MBE, MBI, MBT, MES, MFN, MLP (pre masters), MPS and exchange students. Unfortunately, for other studies no actvity has been scheduled by the study program. 
  • University Welcome dinner (Location: Orion, ground floor)
  • Pubquiz by ESN (Erasmus Student Network) (Location: Orion, ground floor)
    After you’ve had your nice dinner, ESN Wageningen will organise an exciting evening for your AID group at the Spot. Come together, test your knowledge and challenge each other. The pubquiz starts at 19:00. There are prices, so may the best group win!

Tuesday 8 February 2022

  • Getting to know your study association (Location: see MyAID
    This is only for students MBE, MBT, MBI, MES and MFN.
    Crash course (Location: Loburg and H41, Heerenstraat)
    For the other students and exchange students ESN and ISOW offer crash courses Dutch/ language cafés in pubs (Loburg and H41) in the city centreHere you can learn your first words of Dutch! Keep in mind that you need a valid CoronaCheck QRcode and ID for this activity. 
  • Cultural evening by ISOW (International Student Organisation Wageningen) (Location: Orion, ground floor)
    During this night, you will get to experience the diversity of cultures that Wageningen has to offer! In an evening hosted by Emma Holmes (Wageningen Comedy Club) we will have an interactive event themed around culture shocks with performances from students from around the globe.

Wednesday 9 February 2022

  • Bike tour or City walk
    Explore Wageningen either by foot or on your bike. The bike tour takes you to some of the beautiful nature Wageningen has to offer, like the botanical garden with an amazing view and past the Uiterwaarden. It ends at the Market, where you can get a snack or warm up with a cup of coffee. The city walk starts in the city centre and it takes you to some of the hotspots and famous buildings in Wageningen. There is no specific time when you should start so just make plans with your group when you want to walk or cycle! You can find the routes in the PreAID platform. 
  • Workshop Broaden Your Horizon Beyond Your Study by Studium Generale (Impuls)
  • Dutch Kitchen organized by ESN (Location: WSV Ceres, Gen. Foulkesweg or Take Away for participants without QR code)
    On Wednesday evening ESN Wageningen invites you to enjoy a Dutch dinner from 19:00h at Ceres! Make sure to check at which time your group is expected. You are welcome to bring your tupperware for take away. Don’t forget to register.

Thursday 10 February 2022

  • Sports Brunch (Location: Sports Centre de Bongerd)
    Keep in mind that you need a valid CoronaCheck QRcode and ID for this activity. 
  • Sport afternoon (SWU Thymos) (Location: Sports Centre de Bongerd)
    Your chance to be active this week! Try out different sports in the student sport centre and find out what you like. Don't forget to wear sport shoes! Keep in mind that you need a valid CoronaCheck QRcode and ID for this activity. 
  • Dinner City Centre (Location: see MyAID)
    During this activity you are going to enjoy a wonderful meal at a local restaurant in the centre of Wageningen. Look into MyAID which restaurant your group is assigned to. Keep in mind that you need a valid CoronaCheck QRcode and ID for this activity. 

Friday 11 February 2022

  • Workshop Diversity & Inclusion incl. ‘All that we share’ with Emma Holmes (Online). Link to the workshop.
    Join this interactive workshop exploring the topics of education, culture and classroom habits. Our game is played with students from all around the world (don't worry you don't need anything to join - but if you have a silly hat around it will be of added value!) and is interspersed with short talks about life at Wageningen University. Once you've completed the workshop you'll be ready to kickstart your WUR career!
  • Infomarket (Location: Orion, ground floor)
    You will get the opportunity to meet several student organizations on the ground floor of Orion. Come by to see if you want to join a new club or start a new hobby. There will also be some support servises from the university on this information market, so it is very useful to swing by. 
  • Movie night (By ISOW, location: Global Lounge - Campus Plaza, Plantage 2)
    If you want to relax a bit after this hectic week, come by the Global Lounge from 19:30 to watch a movie with us! Bring your favourite snack (and blanket?), we will have snacks and drinks ready too. Suggestions will be given to your mentors beforehand. Don’t forget to register as we have limited places available.
    Pub Crawl (By ESN, location: City centre)
    Friday night it’s time for a pub crawl! What better way to start your student time than to be accustomed to some of the bars in the city centre? Together with your group you will visit 4 bars and have a drink in each of them, for a price of just €12 (card only). The bars that are joining are: Loburg, H41, Proost! and De Tijd. Don’t forget to register! You can register until Wednesday night. On Friday we will be at the Grote Markt from 18:30, so you can pay for your ticket for each bar.

Other/ individual appointments during the week

I           For students MSc Plant Sciences (MPS): during the WinterAID there are Scientific Preparation activities on Tuesday (10:00 - 16:00), Wednesday (10:00 - 12:00) and Thursday (9:00 - 13:00). If necessary: contact program director

II         Registration at the Municipality: possible on Tuesday and Wednesday between 13.00 and 15.30h. Students for whom this is relevant were invited to make an appointment for this. If necessary: contact

III        The AID program offers space for individual talks about your individual MSc program between you and your study advisor on Tuesday and Wednesday. If necessary: contact your study advisor.

Bike sale

On Monday 7 February, between 10.30 and 12.30, there is a (2nd hand) bike sale in front of Forum South entrance.

Pick up Lab Coat

On Monday 7 February, between 16.00 and 17.00h, master students MBT (group 7), MES (groups 8 & 9), MBI (part of group 10) and MPS (groups 11 and 12), can pick up their lab coat and safety goggles (obliged, for free). Ground floor Forum building.