House rules AID

House rules AID

House rules AID all locations and Events

  1. The house rules form an inseparable part of these general terms and conditions. Participants and visitors must adhere to these house rules, otherwise exclusion may follow without the right to full or partial refund of the registration fee or entrance fee.
  2. Visitors must be in possession of a valid ID and student card.
  3. It is not allowed to own or smoke tobacco products <18 years.
  4. It is not allowed to smoke at indoor locations, in tents or on Wageningen Campus. Smoking is only allowed in designated locations.
  5. It is not allowed to bring professional (digital) photo cameras, cameras with a lens> 70 mm, video and / or sound equipment without the prior consent of the Organization.
  6. Objects can -in certain cases- be taken into custody and returned when leaving the location, all at the discretion of the organization and / or security. Bringing your own drink is prohibited, with the exception of one sealable water bottle per person. Materials belonging to the Organization - including cups - cannot leave the Event location without prior consent of the Organization. Use of the wardrobe can be mandatory at certain Events if the Organization holds this necessary for the safety of those present at the Event.
  7. It is not allowed to bring liquor, dangerous objects (such as weapons, fireworks, aerosols, sprays, cans, glassware, etc.) or food to the event. These will be collected and handed over to the police and will not be returned.
  8. It is not allowed to possess or consume alcoholic beverages <18 years. When it is established that the possession or consumption of alcohol <18 years old, exclusion from the entire AID follows without the right to full or partial refund of the registration fee or entrance fee.
  9. Trade in, use or possession of any form of drugs is prohibited, they will be taken and handed over to the police and will not be returned. Upon discovery of the trade, use and / or possession thereof, exclusion of the entire AID follows without the right to full or partial refund of the registration fee or entrance fee.
  10. It is not allowed to bring pets - with the exception of a guide dog -, animals or bicycles on or in the location.
  11. It is prohibited to hand out flyers during programme parts organised by the AID Board.
  12. Visitors may be inspected prior to or during the event or subject to a private law superficial security search. Visitors will cooperate, otherwise access will be denied.
  13. Visitors must follow the instructions, orders and prohibitions of the organization and / or security, otherwise access will be denied.
  14. Visitors must not endanger public order and safety (in any way whatsoever), otherwise access will be denied.
  15. It is not allowed to express oneself in e.g. clothing or attire which the Organization considers offensive or undesirable. If this is the case, access will be denied.
  16. Visitors should not engage in undesirable behavior (bullying, sexual harassment, aggression and violence, threats, stalking, unequal treatment and discrimination), otherwise access will be denied.
  17. In case of denial of admission, no refund of the entrance fee will be made.
  18. Vehicles / bicycles must be parked at the designated places. Incorrectly parked vehicles / bicycles will be removed. The organization is not liable for damage in any form whatsoever caused by the removal of these incorrectly placed vehicles / bicycles.
  19. The organization is not liable for loss, damage and / or theft of property.
  20. It is forbidden to climb into attributes or scaffolding, to do crowd surfing and stage diving.
  21. Visitors who cause damage to property of the AID / WUR / AID-locations will be held liable for the damage and costs incurred and this will be reported to the police.
  22. Entering the event site is at your own risk. The organization cannot be held liable for any injury and / or material damage or immaterial damage, except in the case of intent, gross negligence or gross negligence on the part of the organization.
  23. It is possible that photos or videos where visitors appear on an “open source” (internet, social media, etc.) are shown.
  24. Unless otherwise agreed with the AID-board, the sale or promotion of services and / or products on and / or within sight of the AID sites is not permitted.
  25. The Organization reserves the right to deny Participants access or participation if Participants do not (correctly) follow measures and / or instructions taken by the Organization, including but not limited to because of COVID-19.
  26. Instructions by the Organization and their representatives have to be followed.
  27. In situations where the house rules do not provide, the Organization decides, the decision of the organization in this respect is binding.


  1. After subscribing for a workshop via the website, the AID board decides to accept or reject the subscription. There will be looked at the completeness of the workshop (contact data, description etc.) and safety.
  2. Subscribing workshops can be done until the 18th of April, this is also the date where it has to be known which workshop is given.
  3. AID-participants can choose freely which Workshop they want to go to.
  4. The Workshop should have a capacity from a minimum of ten people.
  5. If a license is needed for the workshop, then the organisation should arrange the license. The AID board is not responsible for the consequences of not having a license.
  6. Participation in the workshops is at the participants own risk. Wageningen University, Aeres Hogeschool, the AID board, CREW and mentors cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages during or after the AID.
  7. The organisation who organises the workshop, is responsible for the safety of the participants. Activities during the workshops are taking place under supervision of the organisation which is facilitating the workshop. The organisation take adequate security measures to limit the risks for the participants.
  8. The main language of the workshops is English.
  9. In case of a serious risk for accidents during the activities, the organisation takes measures to give first aid in case of an accident.
  10. In case of a serious risk of fire during the activities, the organisation takes measures to combat the fire in case of a fire.
  11. Every accident or calamity during a workshop will be communicated as soon as possible to the AID board (0317-484200). If needed, the AID board will support the organisation to control the accident or calamity.
  12. In case of an accident or calamity, all external communication will be taken over by the AID board or the Wageningen UR.
  13. A workshop should be for free for AID participants.
  14. In case of a workshop is cancelled (due to, for example, to less participants or unseen circumstances), no compensations will be given.

 Sport Market

  1.  The AID board is not held responsible for any damage suffered, like damage on equipment.
  2. The AID board reserves the right to refuse organisations.
  3. Participation is entirely at your own risk.
  4. Activities during the sport market  may not constitute a risk for visitors or staff members for the sports market.
  5. Instructions of the AID board or persons designated by it must be followed.
  6. Organisations have, if indicated, access to a stall with roof. If desired, electricity can be used with a maximum capacity per stall.
  7. All major attributes, which are taken along, must be registered and approved by the AID board. The AID board has the right to reject it.
  8. Organisations are not allowed to be presented with more than ten members on the sport market.

 Information Market

  1.         When violating the regulations, you and your organization can be removed immediately from the site, and/or being ruled out for future participation. The AID board decides to do so and will communicate this both verbally and by email to the contact person of your organisation

    2.      Participation is at own risk. Furthermore, the AID board, Wageningen UR or SBBAW[1] is not liable for any direct and indirect damage such as damage to equipment.

    3.      Damage caused to the Arboretum Belmonte by the activities of your organisation will be charged based on calculation afterwards.

    4.      Participation will bring along costs. There are different price categories: a) partners, b) student and volunteer organisations, c) non-profit professional organisations and d) profit professional organisations.

    5.      Your participation is confirmed at the moment the participant paid all his or her fees to the AID board, and when the AID board has received the payment(s). Furthermore, the AID board needs to approve your registration. Your registration will be dealt with within three weeks.

    6.      The AID board has the right to decline organizations from participating in the information market at all times.

    7.      You can cancel your participation without costs until four weeks before the information market. If you cancel after this period, you will need to pay the costs mentioned on your invoice.

    8.      Activities at the information market may not cause any risks for the participants, visitors or other people who are present at the Arboretum Belmonte. The AID board or the safety coordinators will decide on this matter.

    9.      Make sure you do not cause any annoyance or disturbance such as excessive noise to fellow participants, visitors and other people who are present.

    10.  Instructions from the AID board or persons authorized by the AID board need to be followed directly on first request, at all times.

    11.  The information market will take place for visitors (AID participants and other interested people) on Wednesday, August 21st 2024, between 12.00 and 16.00.

    12.  When the participation has been confirmed, participants can make use of a stand with a canvas roof and 2 chairs. The chairs can be picked up at the entrance of the Arboretum at the beginning of the market. At the end, the chairs need to be returned to the same place.

    13.  The AID board makes sure that the stands are present. You can decorate your stand on Wednesday the 21st of August from 10.00 hrs. At the entrance you will receive a garbage bag and a map of the Arboretum. It is not allowed to take another stand.

    14.  Participants need to declare additional attributes, besides the stand, in the system and make sure that they are approved by the AID board. The AID board has the right to decline the application. When these additional attributes are not declared and/or approved, they are not allowed on the information market.

    15.  Additional attributes do not give the right for additional space around the stand, unless this is stated differently in your contract.

    16.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the information market, unless specifically mentioned in your contract. If it is really necessary to use a motorized vehicle, this is only allowed before 11.30 and after the information market (16.15 hrs). All motorized vehicles must be removed from the information market before 11.30 hrs. You can park your car at the Dreijen, Dreijenlaan 4-8 (turn left when leaving the market).


    17.  When you want to enter the Arboretum with a motorized vehicle you need to give a filled in Infomarkt Entrance Ticket at the entrance of the Arboretum and have a Infomarkt Parking Ticket on the dashboard of the motorized vehicle.

    18.  In case of bad weather the AID Board can decide to deny moterized vehicles acces to the Arboretum.

    19.  At the end of the information market you have to clean your own stand. Please roll up the canvas sheet and place it on the stand. Chairs must be handed in at the entrance of the information market, as well as garbage bags. Also clean up any other garbage within 5m reach of your stand. Lastly, clean your stand from all stickers or tape you used.

    20.  When offering food or (non-alcoholic) beverages, the stand holder is responsible for food safety. In case of doubt, the AID board holds the right to confiscate these products and declare them non-consumable.

    21.  For stand holders, it is not allowed to drink and/or hand out alcoholic drinks to visitors, nor is it allowed to be in the possession of alcohol at the information market. An exception is the sales of (alcoholic) drinks organized by the AID board.

    22.  Commercial communications or activities (including sampling) are exclusively reserved for organizations which have a sponsor contract with the AID board.

    23.  It is not allowed to present flyers or single use goodies to the participants.

    24.  Stay near your own stand and let interested people come to you instead of the other way around. It is not allowed to walk around on the information market while promoting your organization unless specifically mentioned in your contract.

    25.  It is not allowed to ask for monetary contributions unless specifically mentioned in your contract.

    26.  It is not allowed to promote other organizations besides your own. This also means promoting on behalf of your own sponsors is not allowed.

    27.  Be prepared that both English and Dutch speaking students will visit the information market.

    28.  There will be no lunch available for stand holders, please bring your own.

    Night programme

    These rules only apply to associations/organisations that organise a party that is included in the AID night programme.

    1.      Party theme and name should approved by the AID Board.

    2.      AID CREW may not be refused entry to the party.

    3.      Crewcoins (red coins with AIDCrew inscription) can be exchanged for a beer or softdrink.

    à  These can later be exchanged by for money by the AID Board

    4.      Parties start after the AID programme part is finished, so 11pm on Friday – Tuesday and 12pm on Wednesday.

    5.      You need to have a completed risk assessment form (RI&E) for the party.

    6.      Wageningen University & Research nor the AID Board can be held liable for any material or immaterial damage  resulting from the party.