Volunteers; Mentors

Do you want to relive the AID and give new students a warm welcome? Become an AID mentor! You and your fellow mentor will make sure that new students feel at home soon. 

Types of mentors

There are two types of mentors: Bsc and Msc mentors.

  • Bsc mentors: A Bsc-group consists of both Dutch and International Bachelor students, who will start their bachelor in September. Lots of them do not know Wageningen, do not have any friends here yet and have not lived on their own yet. It is your job to give these students a warm welcome in Wageningen, and to make their start in Wageningen as easy and nice as possible. 
  • Msc mentors: A Msc-group consists of Master students from all over the world. Dutch and International students are mixed into a group. It is your job to make them feel in at home in Wageningen, but also in the Dutch culture. De culture shock can be quit large, so you will help them to feel right at home in Wageningen. 


As a mentor you are always responsible for the guidance of your group, you have to be there for them during the whole AID! They will tell you where they want to go and what they want to do, and you giude them there.

  • Before the AID: get in contact with all people within your group, and start for example a group whatsapp. It is important to make your group feel like they have nothing to worry about before the AID. Ask them if they have a place to sleep and a bicycle. Help them find this if they do not have this yet. Preferable, students without a place to sleep, can sleep at the place of someone in their group - but not at your place.

  • During the AID: Be there for your group! You only go home when your group goes home. Register your group for activities, be on time and guide your group. You also make sure that their is a nice atmosphere in the group. It is important to limit your own alcohol use somewhat, a drink is of course nice but you always have to be able to guide your group. During the stdy day you have a break from being a mentor.
    Be an objective mentor! Show your group all associations and all possibilities in Wageningen, not only the places that you like and know! Everybody is different!
  • After the AID: lots of groups stay in contact after the AID. Every group can decide this themselves. 

Mentor training

You will follow a mentor training, in which you and your fellow mentor will learn how to guide a group. You will learn all the important things of being a mentor in a fun way.