What is the AID?

It is a great start to your time in Wageningen!

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NEWS: Come to the AID Festival

On 24 August between 17:00-24:00 you can enjoy live music, nice food, DJs and some fun activities! Even if you are not registered as participant, CREW or mentor you can still enjoy some fun this day! Click here for more information or here to buy tickets
If you have already registered for the AID you do not need to buy a separate ticket, as this is already included. 

NEWS: Registrations are closed!

The registrations for the AID are closed! As a participant (MSc, BSc or exchange), you can still sign up for the waiting list. If then people drop out, you can fill their spot. Please mark that sigining up to the waiting list is no guarantee that you will be able to participate in the AID. 

NEWS: AID Board 2023

We are very happy to announce the new board, and wish them good luck with organizing the AID in 2023!