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Do you as a Wageningen student like to experience the AID again? Then you can become a mentor!

As a current student you have the chance to become a mentor and show our new students what it is like to study in Wageningen. The only thing a mentor has to meet is to follow the mentor training. The mentor training will be completely online this year. This means you can do (most of) it in your own time at home. However, we advise you to do it together with your mentor buddy! The training will be split in three parts:

1. A small starting assignment (+- 1 hour). The goal is to prepare you before we publish the AID groups, so you know what to do and how to start the first contact.

2. A more in depth training about the skills you need as a mentor and with practical information about the week, including a test/quiz.

3. A live session on the 12th of August (just before the AID): skills training and moment to ask your questions.

Costs as a mentor are €25,- in AID 2020! This is because the AID is two days shorter this year. However, we still have a full programme for four days, including lunch, dinners and fun activities! Check out the programme here. If you already paid €37,50, you will get €12.50 back soon. 

It is now possible to become a mentor twice! You can participate in both weeks as a MSc mentor, get in touch with new friends and learn them everything you know about our beautiful city! State in the comments that you want to become a mentor twice. Already a BSc mentor? You can also sign up for being a MSc mentor in the other week! Please contact the board if you wish to participate in the full AID experience. 

Types of mentors

There are two types of mentors: 

  • BSc mentors: a BSc-group consists of both Dutch and international bachelor students, who will start their bachelor in September. It is your job to give these students a warm welcome in Wageningen, and to make their start in Wageningen as easy and nice as possible. 
  • MSc mentors: a MSc-group consists of master students from all over the world. Dutch and international students are mixed into a group. It is your job to make them feel at home in Wageningen, but also in the Dutch culture. 

Responsibilities of being a mentor 

  • Before the AID: get in contact with all people within your group, and start for example a group WhatsApp. It is important to make your group feel like they have nothing to worry about before the AID. Ask them if they have a place to sleep and a bicycle. Help them find this if they do not have this yet. Preferable, students without a place to sleep, can sleep at the place of someone in their group - but not at your place. Besides, you can refer them to the websites of the student associations. They often offer a place to sleep for AID participants in their association houses.
  • During the AID: be there for your group! Register your group for activities and be on time and guide your group. Also sure to be an objective mentor! Show your group all associations and all possibilities in Wageningen, so not only the places that you like and know. Everybody is different!
  • After the AID: lots of groups stay in contact after the AID. You do not have to initiate this yourself, every group can make this decision themselves. 

Mentor training

As mentioned before, you need to attend the mentor training. During this mentor training you and your fellow mentor will learn how to guide a group and deal with certain situations. You will learn all the important things of being a mentor in a fun way! For 2020's AID , the mentor training will be completely online. You'll receive more info when you sign up!

Any questions left? Contact us!