You can stay at the AID campsite!

This campsite contains all the facilities you need to get through the AID! Of course this will be also super fun. We also offer a (free) breakfast every morning, so you can start fresh every day! The costs for the campsite are 40 euros. This includes the use of sanitary facilities and charging points! You do have to bring your own tent for the campsite. Due to corona it is NOT possible to sleep in a tent with several people this year. So keep this in mind. The camping is located behind Axis Z on campus! Click here to find it.

You can spend the night at the campsite the night before your AID. For AID 1 you can arrive on August 10th and leave on August 15th before 12:00. For AID 2 you can arrive August 15th and leave on August 20th before 12:00. 

You can register for the campsite when you register for the AID. If you have already registered for the AID, but still want to spend the night at the campsite, you can add a campsite spot through MyAID up to a day prior to your AID. If you have found an alternative sleeping place, you can still cancel your campsite place until the day before the AID. Please let us know in time by emailing or calling us. If you cancel your camping spot before the start of your AID, the costs for your camping ticket will be fully refunded.

See you there!