Join as AID participant!


If you are going to start a bachelor this year, you will be placed into a group of other bachelor students, with at least one other student from your study. In this way, you will already know someone from your study. There is also a study day included in the AID program, which gives you the chance to meet all your study mates and get to know more about the study program itself. The international bachelor students will have at least two other international students in their group, but also Dutch students. Each group will be guided by two mentors (your AID 'parents') and they will make sure you get to know your way around Wageningen! 


Are you coming to Wageningen to do your master's program? We invite all master students to participate in the AID and we want to give you a warm welcome in Wageningen! As a master student you can participate in the full program of the AID.

All master students will be placed in a group with at least one other student from their master's program, so you will always know someone from your study. During the Study Day program part  you will get to know all your fellow study mates and everything about your study program will be explained. Each group will be guided by two mentors (your AID 'parents') and they will make sure you get to know your way around Wageningen!


You are also very welcome to join the AID if you follow an exchange program at Wageningen University and Research. You will be placed with at least one other exchange student and on the Study Day you will meet other exchange students and learn more about the WUR.  The rest of the time you will follow the same AID program as the other students. This also applies for students coming from Dutch universities that are going to follow a minor. 

Campus program

This year the AID offers different options for participating in the Annual Introduction Days: the Regular AID program and the Campus Program. The Regular AID takes place from August 18 until August 23 and includes meeting a lot of other students, getting to know all (student) organisations in Wageningen en getting to know your way around the city. If you choose the regular program, the campus program is included.

The Campus Program is a reduced program on August 21 and August 22. If you join this program you tag along for just 2 of the 6 AID days. These 2 days takes place on campus and include tours, workshops, and the study day, where you can get to know your fellow students from the same program and get more information about your study program. If you choose this program, you will get to meet less new people, see less of the city and miss out on the sports centre.

NB if you are from a non EFTA country, your AID participation fee is covered by your tuition fee, regardless which program you choose.